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Company crowdfunds to create LED lashes

A design company have launched a Kickstarter campaign to take their LED eyelashes worldwide.

Tien Pham & Davey Taylor - the duo behind Tavey Designs - have launched a page on the crowdfunding website to get their LED eyelashes out to the wider market.

Described as "fine, fresh and fierce", the f.lashes have been dubbed "the next level up in wearable electronic and interactive cosmetics".

The LEDs on the lashes come in a variety of colours including bright white, light pink, bright red, yellow, light green, bright blue and light blue, and have six different settings. Liquid Pour makes the lights flow from one end of the lash to the other whilst the Hyper Burst setting flashes continuously on and off. The Knight Riding setting sends a beam from one corner of the lash to the other whilst the Endless Winks version alternates flashing between each eye.

The eyelashes can also respond to a person's movement, activated by the different motions. When you nod, some of the LEDs will light up, whilst as you dance around on a night out, the lights grow brighter.

The LED lashes are reusable and the barely visible wires can be hooked over the ears to behind the head, where the controller has a "responsive motion sensor programmed with several unique light effects".

f.lashes also have functions to ensure the safety of the wearer.

Writing on their Kickstarter page, the company said: "f.lashes pose little risk of harm. They use a 3V coin battery exactly like those found in most wristwatches and are just as safe ...

"The LEDS used in f.lashes do not emit noticeable heat. Our LED lashes are completely cool to the touch ... the LED lashes are weather resistant. Normal perspiration and weather conditions will not affect its functionality ...

"f.lashes do not interfere with vision. Similar to wearing a head-mounted lamp, the light emitted points outward. You will barely notice the light."

Once funded, the lashes will be available in various packs including the Star Pack, which is one controller and one set of lashes, the Besties Pack for you and a pal or the Squad Pack, which is four controllers and five sets of lashes.

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