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EVO Yachts create luxury Transformer yacht

EVO Yachts have created a luxury smart boat, which has been likened to a Transformer.

The boatmaker have unveiled a luxurious vehicle, which can increase the boats usable space by 40% "at the touch of a button" on your smartphone.

Writing on their website, they shared: "At the touch of a button, the beach area can be completely transformed: the hydraulically operated bulwark. XTensions slide out and, in less than thirty seconds, increase the usable space by 40% to create a 25 square metre (270 s.f.) terrace that can be used as a lounge, sitting room, sun deck with built-in deck chairs, or diving platform.

"You can command the XTensions and other functions from your iPhone: just the touch of a button enhances comfort and space by increasing the beam to a maximum of 6.3 metres (20 ft) which is usually only found on much bigger boats ... The aft section houses an optional 'Transformer': a large pneumatically operated extending platform built into the sundeck. The Transformer can be rotated by almost 270°. This modular platform can be used with ease to support boarding or disembarking the boat at the dock, as a ladder for stepping back on board after a pleasant swim, or even as a diving platform with adjustable height."

The Evo 43 also features a "sleek" design and is complete with teak interiors and the latest navigation technology.

They added: "The design of the Evo 43′ is sleek and minimalist with cleats, anchor, fenderhooks which fold away in the deck to leave the lines completely clean. The hydraulically operated anchor locker features a lifting nose which prevents the anchor from being accidentally wound in or out. The anchor and roller are made from polished stainless steel ...

"The finish of the curved teak panel helm station is at the owner's discretion and houses the wheel, the control panel, the navigation electronics and all the monitoring systems ... The all teak cockpit features an area that can be easily configured thanks to modular cube-shaped seats and also houses an extending dining table and large wet bar. The door on a separate unit hides an induction hob with four rings and a sink ...

"A full beam locker is located under the cockpit: it hauses the seafty equipment and can be used for stowage. The 180 liter (47,5 U.S. gal) ice box is housed under the captain's seat and has a highly functional system of racks."

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