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Ticketmaster to allow gig entry through sound

You could soon get into a concert by playing a sound from your phone.

Ticketmaster have teamed up with Lisnr and could soon be admitting people to their favourite gigs using an ultrasonic sound, which can't be heard by human ears, to check you are who you say you are and have paid to get into the concert.

Explaining how it works on the website, they said: "LISNR is a data over audio solution that utilises ultrasonic audio called Smart Tones. There are three parts to each Smart Tone: the preamble, the header, and the payload. In order to decode the data present in the waveform, the audio is run through a program called hflat (high-frequency LISNR audio tone).

"Devices in audible range run the tone through a filter to remove background noise. Once a preamble is detected the LISNR SDK moves on to decode the data. Our audio frequency range is~ 18.7 - 19.2 kHz ...

"LISNR transmits customisable packets of data every second that can enable device connectivity everywhere. We use inaudible sound waves called Smart TonesTM to transmit information. Most notable solutions are proximity data transmission, second-screen functionality, authentication and low-fi device to device connectivity on any LISNR enabled device."

The ticket company are trialling this new software as it is said to be much safer than a standard ticket or a QR code as it is not only linked to your account but your mobile device too.

Justin Burleigh, EVP of product at Ticketmaster, said: "We used identity as our North Star - our guiding light to develop a product that makes each individual fan experience the greatest it could be.

"This means using identity to drive customized experiences based on who you are and where you are, eliminating fraud, resulting in a safer environment, and delivering more personalisation based on the specific event you're attending."

There is also the hope that the new system can be used to track a person around the venue and advertise certain things to them at appropriate times to achieve the best sales.

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